Listen Empty…

A part of our mission as the first impressions team here at Cross Point is to help people feel welcomed.  I think for me one of the best ways for me to feel welcomed is to know that someone is actually listening to me when I am talking to them.

Crazy concept, right?

Think about it though…

How many times have you been talking to someone, especially someone who is supposed to be helping you, and you’ve thought to yourself, “Is this person even listening to me?”

I know I’ve been in situations like that before and I’ve asked myself that question a few times.

How flipping frustrating is that, ugh!!!

The fastest way to get me to not want to come back to some place is to make me feel unwelcomed and even worse, not listened to when I need help.

I love this video from Chic-Fil-A check it out: (!!!

Talk about feeling welcomed!!!

Knowing that someone will take the time to stop and listen to you.

All of their new employees have to watch this video, probably one of the reasons why when it comes to 1st impressions Chic-Fil-A is one of the best!!!

I love this verse in Romans because I think it’s a reminder for us to stop and listen to others and help them feel welcomed:

“So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory. Jesus did it; now you do it!”  Romans 15:7 (The Message)

So stop and listen to someone today because everyone has a story and you might just miss it of you don’t!!!

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