The Unsaid…

Have you ever been in a situation where someone’s body language was putting off a message so strong that you couldn’t avoid seeing it?

One place that comes to mind for me is the DMV.  It’s like most of the employees body language there is saying, “I don’t want to be here and now you just inconvenienced me some more, so go away!!!”

Or have you been somewhere and felt as if by someone not saying anything to you they said more than enough?  It was if they said, “I really don’t care that you’re here and I am not going to acknowledge your presence either.”  But they never verbally conveyed this message to you.

Our body language and the things we don’t say can sometimes cause more damage than words themselves.  Especially when it comes to 1st impressions!

When a fist time visitor walks into Cross Point their sensors are already on high.  They are a fresh set of eyes and are watching and evaluating everything they see to make sure this is a safe place for them.

If we as the 1st Impression team unintentionally put off bad body language or fail to acknowledge a person, these unsaid things can cause someone to feel unwanted and unwelcome.

We as people have a sense of wanting to belong and we spend countless hours searching for a place to belong and when we find it, it’s like home and there’s nothing like being at home.

So put a smile on that face and shake a hand and help someone feel welcome and wanted.  Help them feel like they belong at Cross Point.

Welcome them home!

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