About The First Impression

My name is Danny Bias and I am the connections pastor for the Nashville Campus at Cross Point Church.  I am a recent transplant from Southern California and let me just say, Life Is Good in Tennessee!!!

I’ve been married to my amazing wife Jennifer for eight years and we have two rambuncious boy’s; Cash who is six and Colt who is three.

I love the church!!!

I love the unchurched,  the over-churched, and the church-haters out there.

It’s my passion to see all of these different types of people get connected to the hope of the world, the local church and come to know a loving, gracious, and redeeming savior, Jesus Christ because of it.

I write this blog to hopefully inspire churches to remember that those first few seconds of a persons visit to our churches are some of the most important seconds on a Sunday, so don’t screw them up!!!  Because I have and probably will again.

I try to post something new at least three to four times a week or whenever I have an amazing or not so memorable customer service experience that I think we all could learn something from.

So while your here subscribe to the blog and feel free to comment, I would love to interact with you!

You can follow me on twitter: @dannybias27

Or drop me an email: DGBias75@gmail.com


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